Phantom wallet extension (Official Site)®

01. Send and receive tokens and NFTs. 02. Learn how to use the Phantom Wallet, a browser plugin that lets you store Ethereum and other tokens The Phantom ® Phantom is a popular self-custodial wallet designed for the Solana blockchain. It is presently available as a free browser extension for Brave, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Support. Download. The crypto wallet that’ll take you places. Your trustedcompanion. Also available on other browsers and devices. Discover more. Keep everything in one place. Your wallet. Multiple chains, one Phantom is a multichain Phantom Wallet that lets you explore, use, and trade crypto and NFTs across Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. It is easy, safe, and fun, with powerful tools, best-in Phantom is a browser extension that protects your online privacy and security. You can download it for Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, iOS, or Android devices and enjoy features like ad blocking, tracker blocking,